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About US

Erpek Engineering is a founded firm to develop technology on the hydrocarbons processes such as crude oil distillation and lube oil re-refining. With their chemical and mechanical engineers, Erpek provides a wide range of services from the design and improvements of operating units to disassembling and transporting them.

Our portfolio of diversified services consists of engineering, consulting and project management. We are offering a combination of information, experience, talent and customer loyalty in the performed projects. We are taking sound steps to be a more influential company in the lights of latest developments in petroleum industry and to enhance collaborations with countries that have petroleum reserves of the world.

Our solution partners, experts of their subjects worldwide, exhibit their knowledge on process equipment design, transportation, renovation and start-up. Process design and detailed engineering services are fulfilled with advanced process simulation programs. Finished simulations and detailed engineering works are visualized by CAD programs.